A word of warning... if you can, avoid taking a 2 year old into a bed shop!
Yesterday we went shopping as a family to look for two new beds... our Queen sized bed just doesn't cut it for those times when there are 4 in the bed. In fact, even when there are only 3 of us (which is every night after Hamish wakes for the first time) our pillows migrate partially onto the bedside tables in order to make a safe space around H with no pillows or doona. We went along with two major requirements for a king sized bed.. reasonably low to the ground without any hazardous bits of bed frame sticking out to bang little heads on and drawers underneath. Guess what was looking at us when we walked in the door? We did do a lap of all of the big beds in the shop but none were as nice or as reasonably priced as the first nor met our requirements! Sold!

The second bed we were looking for was a king single for G. We wanted a king single for the times that one of us needs to hop in with her, or the times that our kids may want to hop in with each other in the night. This one just needed to be a nice looking frame and reasonably low to the ground. We found one fairly easily and without too much bed jumping by G. She did have a good play with the toys on the kids' beds which was fine.
The fun started when we had to pick mattresses... if Daddy was hopping on the beds, it was obviously fine for her too. The salesman appeared quite enamoured with her and she took an instant liking to him, running around and waving to him whilst cheekily jumping on beds (yelling 'no more monkeys hopping on the bed') and running through the store. The salesman was infinitely patient whilst one of us ran after her, even getting her a balloon and some stickers whilst I was looking at linen (of course we only have linen for single and queen beds). He did mention that he was expecting his first child in June so I guess he was thinking about what he had to look forward to.

Eventually we were able to make some decisions and handed over the credit card after he had knocked the price down a bit for buying two full beds and some linen and as we were about to leave he presented Miss G with a stuffed lion from one of the bed displays. Top Bloke :D (or just good salesman, but he seemed lovely)
So now, the cleanup begins. G's room is simple, move current bed out, put new bed in. Ours is somewhat more complicated... it has become something of a dumping ground for 'mess' from other rooms when we need to quickly 'tidy', so it will probably take us all week to get everything out and sorted, but there is nothing like a bit of pressure to make you tidy things up. Hopefully we won't just 'relocate' too much of it!