I received the approval to post the floor plan a couple of weeks ago, but realised I hadn't posted it here yet - so here it is for all who are interested!

Some notes:

* Top of the page is north.
* The block is fairly narrow - long sides on the east and west.  The width of the house is not much less than the width of the block.
* Views are to the west and south-west.
* Block slopes slightly towards the west. Both east and west neighbours are vacant blocks, eastern side is higher up than us (hence no windows), western side is lower down than us.
* First floor is 2.7m ceilings, ground floor is 2.4m.
* All marked windows are generally floor to ceiling windows.
* The scale may be out of wack, as a guide, the width of the pantry is approx 1m.

Note the "multi-purpose room" is not as originally planned, but we are working on how to spread those 'functions' into the other parts of the house - because everything else is 99% perfect!

Ground floor:

First floor:

We have still found a lot of little things that we could change, but before I list them I'd be interested to see what jumps out to everyone else.. always nice to have fresh opinions!