So it appears that the lovely Kint has bestowed upon me this award... thus I must share with you 10 truths about me... happy reading :o)

1. Despite the fact that I desperately want it to be tidy, my house is ALWAYS messy. This is not just due to normal kids mess, we also have just so damn much stuff and nowhere to put it. When we move into our new house we are going to have a serious cull. Nothing useless is leaving this house bar to be re-homed with someone else!

2. I nearly started point 2 with the same 3 words I started point 1 with... to re-word for number 3 ;-)

3. Even though in my 'previous life' before children I was pretty much a 'control-freak, stress head' I am a pretty laid back parent. So the small boy doesn't sleep too well... pfft, whatever... he is only 4 months old, he'll sleep eventually :) Yanno, that kind of thing!

4. Even though my youngest baby is only 4.5 months old and doesn't sleep we are talking about #3 already :o) (although the plan is not to be put into action for several months yet)

5. Before G was born I was of the opinion 'I'll give breastfeeding a red hot go, but if it doesn't work out... oh well' This changed the minute she was born... I was going to feed her at all costs. It took us a good 5 weeks to get things going and for her to regain her birthweight but my pig-headedness means that neither of my children have ever ingested a single drop of infant formula.

6. Even though I may project differently, I still need to work on my confidence. These days I can speak to groups, deal with new situations and give my opinion freely however I still get that little niggling voice in my head telling me that I'm not good enough. Even when I knew the answers at school I NEVER put my hand up.

7. I was _so_ well behaved at school it's embarrassing. A slightly pissed off look from a teacher would be enough to elicit tears.

8. It's still pretty easy to make me cry but I'm working on it :o)

9. I'm such a damn nerd.. one year I got a microscope for Christmas as that's what I wanted.

10. It's OK 'cos I married another damn nerd ;)

So, now I pass on the award to some bloggers who inspire me...

Laura - your dedication is inspiring

Phil - you are just awesome and I miss you

There are others but you've already done it :o)