No more nappies... most parents of small kids dream of the day their toddler will toilet train. Let's get one thing straight... nappies are easy. When your child is in nappies they wee or poo as the case may be in their nappy, then you change it when you have a second. It doesn't matter if they are in the pram or the car, it can wait.
When your bundle of joy has started wearing underpants, or 'nickies' as they are known in our house things change. They go to the toilet on their schedule, not yours. If they need to wee/poo/whatever, you drop everything and take them as you can't take the chance that they are just kidding.

G has been dry during the day for about 4 months now, she decided shortly after her 2nd birthday that she was big enough to do her business in the potty/toilet and really hasn't looked back. Until last week when we had a bit of a regression she had had very few accidents. We are still doing night time nappies but that doesn't worry me in the slightest, she will be dry in her own time and there is no pressure, I was quite happy to keep changing her nappy during the day too but the fact that it was so easy reassures me that she was well and truly ready.

I had a rotten afternoon. Saturday night everything was removed from the boot of the family car as I was doing a market stall for the ABA and had to fit in a board, change table and some suitcases of literature and changing supplies... so come today I had an empty boot, containing only a stroller. Everything else from my car was at Chuq's work.

So, after our walk we had to go and deliver some nappies, no problems! Except for the fact that the skateboard for the stroller and one of the orders was at work with Chuq. No worries, we went and collected them. 'Do you need anything else put back in your car?' he asked. 'No, I don't think so' I replied. Fool.

So we head into the city to deliver the first order, easy one just have to pop it in her letterbox. The traffic was rubbish... it was after school time and had just started bucketing with rain. Took us ages to get there. Got out of the car, quickly stuffed the breastpads in said letterbox and then got back in the car. Greeted with the dreaded words 'mummy, I got poooooo'. I turned around to miss 2 and a half (almost) and said 'do you REALLY got poo?' she nods. Crap. The potty... it's not in the car, it's still in Chuq's car at his work. Deep breaths.

I turn back around... 'OK, can you hold on?' I toy briefly with the idea of putting one of the baby's nappies on her... it will fit but will it hold a full toddler wee? Doubtful.
More deep breaths. 'Ok, mummy will take you to the toilet, it will be a few minutes though'. After school traffic, bucketing rain... it takes about 20 minutes to drive about 1.5km and get into the carpark. Haul both kids out of the car and put little man in the stroller, little lady on her skateboard on the back (and doesn't she love that). Head down to the parenting room and get to the toilet... can't fit in with the stroller so just leave the door open. She sits up and hangs on... 'I don't got wee'. Deep breaths. 'You DO got wee, Mummy wasn't even coming into the city, we have stopped here just so you can do wee, please sit back up on the toilet and try'.
Success, thank goodness.

Whilst we are there I figure little boy should have his nappy changed too as he made some suspicious noises earlier. He doesn't disappoint either, full nappy. I manage to get poo on his feet, legs, change mat and overalls trying to clean it all off.
I look over at the couple sitting in the feeding area feeding their tiny newborn a bottle and wonder if we've amused them enough for one day. They would have heard every word in the toilet and also had my running commentary as I changed H's nappy. G asks if we can get that babycino (promised earlier) now, I tell her we'll see what we can do. I decide that we don't have time and promise her I'll make her one when we get home.

By the time we deliver the last of the nappies and get home, poor H is screaming his little head off probably from sheer hunger as it's been over 3 hours since his last feed. I'm a wreck from listening to my baby scream and not be able to do anything about it and am so glad to see our house so we can all bundle inside and I can feed him.

After we eat, G gets her babycino. I had a hot chocolate too, we both had a tic-toc (or two). I might keep the coffee machine out for a while :-)