People seem to like to categorise other people.. everyone fits into neat little boxes. You can be a bogan, a hippie, a geek, a jock.

The hippie/greenie category is an interesting one. Do I fall into this category or not?

Let's see..

* I support the Bell Bay Pulp Mill
* I use cloth nappies
* I want my next car to be electric
* I would support a wind farm built near me
* I think most of the anti-logging protests are unwarranted
* I think the government should subsidise most of the cost of a basic PV solar setup and rainwater collection tanks for all households
* Had I been of voting age at the time I would have supported the Franklin Dam
* I don't really eat much meat
* I support the Ralph's Bay canal development
* I support the R&D by the state government into tidal, wave and geothermal power generation
* I would support a nuclear power plant in my suburb
* I support the proposed Hobart Northern Suburbs Railway
* I support the demolition of 10 Murray Street
* I am building what people would call a "large" house

As you can see they vary from one extreme to the other! I could elaborate on each of these.. and maybe I will in a future blog post. But I think the general theme that is different the green movement of 20 years ago has changed. Back then it was all about NOT doing certain things because it was bad for the environment. Now, it is all about building things in a sustainable manner. These days it is possible to generate electricity without burning coal. It is possible to have a baby without putting two tonnes of disposable nappies into landfill. It is possible to built a zero emission transport system.

We don't have to choose between development and sustainability any more - we can have both!